Material Cosmologies / the ‘Territory of the non-yet’


“The territory is first of all the critical distance between two beings of the same species: Mark your distance. What is mine is first of all my distance; I possess only distances. Don’t anybody touch me, I growl if anyone enters my territory, I put up placards”

(Deleuze, Guattari 1987, 319. Thousand Plateaus.)

Since the beginning of my work, it was the ‘distance’, the line of separation between imagination, nature and matter that caught my attention and became my experimental and aesthetic enterprise. I pursued it across multiple mediums and visual territories. What would happen if one looks at nature, imagination and matter as a continuum? Where the one is endlessly spilling into the other? I am not speaking of dissolution of distinctions into flatness but rather of the exposing of the conscious space where the continuum of nature and imagination emerge, bringing into presence a ‘soft’ and active matter, always in a process of interpenetrations, always demanding further iteration.

We are attracted to differences, not all differences though, relevant differences, pregnant differences, that which stops the ongoing, that which shifts us out of the known territory and into an intimately less known one. ‘Difference’ when unlocked hides it’s twin sister: the discrimination capacity of minds. The interplay between the recreated continuum and unique discontinuities, allow the emergence of ‘a difference that makes a difference’ in terms of our ‘subjectivity’ being called to the front.

To this immanent emergent interplay I refer as ‘territory’ – the co-emergent and co-describing relation between a constantly regenerating continuum and the difference that makes a difference (subjectivity). Territory within these lines is a ‘mode’ of matter, where first things happen, they emerge, they become, they surprise and interlace with and as consciousness, awakening.

My work, originally rooted in painting, interprets such a continuum of potential openness and awakening as the ‘territory of the non-yet’. Material Cosmologies was born out of the exploration that interprets such a continuum of imagination and nature, and attempts to achieve it by the attentive usage of ‘bridges’, those bridges I refer to both as technologies in the literal sense, as modes of intensity and as manifold collaboration, with fellow artists, with media and indeed with ‘matter’.

Technologies in my work become and are my extension, they are part in how i relate to the artistic process, they help expose and reveal the open-ended emergent ‘territory of the non-yet’;, the constant leaking of medium into medium, of mind into mind and of projected futures into the present. I am after the ‘soft’ that unfolds as interconnected-ness, where the Territory is All and None and if so provoke both the intensity of dissolving boundaries and the awed care-taking of the non-yet.

My work suggests a different perception of ‘Territory’, defined by its open-ended unpredictability, to instigate within the development of unexplored possibilities. And primarily aiming with this notion of territory to a direct and unmediated interaction with the navigational horizon of the ‘action’ called art and the medium called painting.

Territory then is an emergent complex dynamic construct and process within which the movement of a ‘form’ is known through the exploration of phase-space of possibilities. At the end of the process, the work comes out as a multitude, a series of images that are both a plural form of the base state of the painting and also independent images of their own accord, a multiplicity of moments, images and scales, captured in dynamic evolution. Traces of a fleeting world. It is as if a new cosmology becomes visible and a multitude of images bounces to presence. From micro to macro and vice versa, with each iteration it gets clearer that the particular image on paper is but the skin of a bubble of life, lusciously liquefying into richness calling subjectivity to explore it’s own unfoldment.

Autor: J.D Doria

Born 1961, interdisciplinary artist, lives and works in TLV. His maturing into painting coagulates a background in Cinema and Stage Art, with a love for writing, combined with years of study and experimental research into territories of human thought and aesthetic experience, and on the overall a Dadaist approach to life. My recent work reflects a growing interest in a radical ‘reading’ of Aesthetic.

Material Cosmologies 2016 01

Material Cosmologies 2016 02