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“Uncertainty” until November 15, 2016.

Editors from Issue 7 (2016) – Susana Dias and Sebastian Wiedemann

We live in uncertain times … We don’t want this enunciation, which evokes a sad fact and consequently call for regretting, lamenting and nostalgia for past times that were fully certainty. The next ClimaCom’s dossier wants to take the experimentations to the limit with the notion of uncertainty and carry the power of the infinitive tense: to live uncertain times. On the one hand, we are interested in the various manners in which scientists, philosophers, artists, environmental movements etc. have characterized this “to live uncertain times”. It means, the consistency and singularization of production processes from those encounters between life, time and uncertainty that open joyfully and violently to new problems and procedures, which give life to living uncertainties. Therefore, the studies, works and scientific and/or artistic processes are equally interesting, when they choose to deal with an uncertainty that is not fleeting, that takes place as a condition of life and creation, demanding the permanent invention of combat modes and the composition with uncertainty and not against it, forcing the change in modes of thinking and acting, whose methods inhabit a primordial uncertainty, able to foreclose with the habit of perception if crystallize. We wish to explore, in this dossier, minor operations of uncertainty, minor because we cannot confuse them with the error, the relativism or the inaccuracy, so they are nothing owed to models of truth that create references to trials. Also minor because they are able to establish other relationships of forces that escape the dominant logic of power: both the ones fixed in the identification between science and certainty, probability and ignorance, and those which are moved by an uncertainty that works as a means of accelerating the exploitation and subservience. With this dossier, we offer an invitation, a call, in order to make it not only a publishing space of what certainly belongs to the universe of the productions of arts, sciences and philosophies around climate change, but also for what is entitled to tell about them, but it is also open to the invention of new relations between knowledge, experience, methods, practices… Opening ClimaCom Magazine – and climate change itself – the connections that allow us to continue speculating without fear, creating uncertain connections, thus risky, unexpected and improbable.

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The texts may be submitted in English, Spanish or Portuguese.

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