A Film, Reclaimed

Título: A Film, Reclaimed

Resumo: The ecologic crisis is a political, economic and social crisis. It is also cinematographic, as cinema coincides historically and in a critical and descriptive way with the development of the Anthropocene. “A Film, Reclaimed” is a conversation, an essay that reads the terrestrial crisis under the influence and with the help of the beautiful and terrible films which have accompanied it.

Autor: Ana Vaz & Tristan Bera

Ana Vaz

Ana Vaz (b. 1986, Brazil) is an artist and filmmaker whose films and other expanded works speculate upon the relationships between self and other, myth and history through a cosmology of signs, references and perspectives. Assemblages of found and shot materials, her films combine ethnography and speculation in exploring the frictions and fictions imprinted upon both natural and built environments and its multiple inhabitants. A graduate from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and Le Fresnoy – Studio National des Arts Contemporains, Ana was also a member of SPEAP (experimental research group in art and politics), a project conceived and directed by Bruno Latour. Her films have been showed at a number of international film festivals including the New York Film Festival, Visions du Réel, TIFF Wavelengths, CPH:DOX, Media City and Ann Arbor as well as solo and group shows at Rosa Brux (Brussels), Museum of Contemporary Photography (Chicago) and Temporary Gallery (Cologne).

Link: https://vimeo.com/anavaz

Tristan Bera

Tristan Bera (b. 1984, France) is an artist and filmmaker whose practice includes curating, critical writing and staged performances. He studied aesthetics and history of contemporary art and participated in 2015 to the experimental program in arts and politics directed by philosopher Bruno Latour at SciencesPo, Paris. His visual works question intertextuality and cinéphilie through an array of references or thanks to collaborations lived as hybridization. His films have been showed at international film festivals including Rotterdam, London, Vila do Conde and Lisbon/Estoril as well as in solo and group shows at Haus der Kunst (Munich), Turku Art Museum (Finland), Centre Pompidou (Paris), ICA Winnipeg or Jan Mot (Brussels) and Gallery Koyanagi (Tokyo).

Link: https://vimeo.com/tristanbera

By Ana Vaz & Tristan Bera

2015 | 19′ | HD | 5.1